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ATV Rental



Not available insurance in case of accident.

The company is not responsible for any damage to the bicycle or any injuries sustained by the rider and/or any other person.

In case of a flat tire the rider is responsible.

We provide service only within the Larnaca area.

Child seats available at extra cost.

Helmets and locks are included in the prices.

Off-road use is not allowed.



There is an excess depending on the car type. (300euro – 900 euro)
Tyres and Windscreen Insurance will cost 2 euro per day.
Baby seat/ child booster: FREE !! (pre-booked)
Second driver: €3.00 per day per driver

Driving License:

Minimum age: 25 years old (less than 25 allowed with special insurance).
Maximum age: 70 years old (70 year olds and up allowed with special insurance).
Drivers should have a fully valid driving license for at least 3 years.

GPS: 3.5 EURO per day (pre-booked).
All vehicles are offered only for on-road use.


Driving License:

Scooters 50cc: Category AM
Scooters 100-125cc: Category A1
Motorbikes/Scooters until 50cc : Category A2
Motorbikes/Scooters: Category A

Crash helmets and locks are included in the price.
All vehicles are offered only for on-road use.
Drivers should have a fully valid driving license for at least 3 years.

Category50cc125cc500ccANY ccQUAD


Road Fines:
Responsibility of the hire/driver and any road fines is needed to be paid at the appropriate authority office.

Minimum rental:
Two days -48 hours. (One day rental available with extra charge)

Driving Rules: 
Scooters with engine less than 125cc , ATV and buggies are not allowed on the motorway (CY LAW). Are only to be used within Larnaca city.Lights must be always on (CY LAW).

Scooters and motorcycles with engines more than 200cc (125cc with special insurance) or more are allowed to travel all over the island (including the motorway).

All the vehicles must be driven on the correct side of the road (left) and on the correct surfaces.

Helmets and seat belt are obligate (driver & passenger) (CY LAW).

The customer/driver of the vehicle must not allow to any other person to drive the vehicle except if the other person is written on the contract.

Scooters and motorcycles with engines more than 200cc (125cc with special insurance) or more are allowed to travel all over the island (including the motorway).

Early Return:
The rental is not refundable.

Late Return:
In any case there will be late return it will be extra charge.

Cancellation of the reservation:

Not refundable.

Extent the rental:
The rental can be extent as long as is not reserved  by giving us a call.

The company always advises the customer/hirer to take photos of the vehicle at the delivery time.

The customer/hirer is responsible for any damages on the vehicle (3rt party insurance) unless the customer/hirer choose full insurance, then he/she will be up to the amount of the excess which is shown on the rental agreement.

In any case the damages is made in the North Side of Cyprus then the customer is fully responsible (the excess doesn’t cover).

-All of our vehicles are covered by 3rd party insurance (Cyprus Law).
– The customer/hirer is responsible to return the vehicle of the owner in the same condition they received it.
– Full insurance with C.D.W (Collision Damage Ware) is available for scooters, motorbikes, ATV and buggies.
– The insurance will not cover if anything happens if you will decide to visit the occupied Northern Cyprus.
– Off – road damages are not covered by the insurance. (beach, Akamas area, dirt and any other unsuitable surface).
– In case of accident the customer/hirer must stay at the vehicle and do not move from there until the insurance will be informed. Otherwise  the insurance might refuse to cover the damages. 

Breakdown Assistance/ Service:            
– If any breakdown or damage have been made in the occupied Northern Cyprus the service it will be unavailable.
–  If any breakdown or damage have been made on the unsuitable surfaces (beach,etc.) then the customer will be responsible to pay for the truck and the damages.
– Free Breakdown Assistance in Larnaca area.
– 24h Breakdown Assistance in the Southern part of Cyprus available.

The vehicle has to be returned with the same fuel level as taken. Tank can be full on request.

To be paid at the beginning of the rental. Cash or credit /debit cards accepted.

By credit / debit card, cash or card – which is refundable.

Loss of key:
20 euro charge for replacement.

Loss of accessories (helmets,gloves,lovks etc):
Will cost accordingly to their value.

Free transportation from/to the airport or your hotel and back in Larnaca district (for working hours – but we can be flexible).

If you are in other city of Cyprus, we can send you a taxi to pick up you and bring you to our shop (contact us for more information).

Prices includes:
– MAINTENANCE,OIL & CHANGE OF VEHICLE in case of breakdown
– FREE TRASNPORT (read about the delivery)

Cars,scooters,motorbikes, atv,buggies are booked by Group. We can’t guarantee any particular make or model. To reserve any vehicle we will need an amount of the rental in advance. It can be done through our IBAN bank account or we will send you a PayPal Invoice.

For reservation you can :
– email us:
– via facebook account: Anemayia Cars & Bikes Rental Center
– call us on 0035799624726

Our shop is open for you all year around. The working hours in Summer is from 9:30 am until 18:00pm. In the winter season the working hours varies.

*Please have in mind working hours may varies as we might be at the airport etc.

We are always available for contact  outside our working hours and for service if you make a reservation.

All vehicles are subject to the full terms and conditions printed on the rental agreement and can change without notice.